There’s no question that agriculture has been and will always be the backbone of most economies because it deals with the most basic need of a population which is food. Through agriculture, the subject of food and farming is usually the center of focus because it recognizes the need to have the important matter of food production sorted out as this has a direct bearing on the sustenance of any populace. It’s this knowledge that inspired the formation of the I Heart Farms website.

I Heart Farms is a website that brings together farmers in a community that makes it easier to interact, exchange ideas and best practices. Farmers who will benefit most from this platform are those who are planning to make the jump from small scale farming to large scale commercial farming. In this platform you will get all the information and insights on various aspects of farming from land preparation, to implements, to post harvest handling and much more.

We want you to actively participate in the different forums through sharing your experiences, asking questions, offering your own advice and so on. We believe that the best way to grow as farmers is through working together.

I therefore look forward to interacting and sharing more with farmers on this platform.

George Porter

Founder – I Heart Farms