teamI Heart Farms is a website that brings together farmers in a community that makes it easier to interact, exchange ideas and share best practices. Farmers who will benefit most from this platform are those who are planning to make the jump from small scale farming to large scale commercial farming. In this platform you will get all the information and insights on various aspects of farming from land preparation, to implements, to post harvest handling and much more.

We will always cover general topical issues affecting farmers but we’ll also be happy to cover more specific requests from farmers in this group. This platform will be open for farmers to ask questions and we’ll make it a point to give detailed answers in form of well written articles which we’ll strive to publish on a regular basis.

I Heart Farms will also be open for other experienced farmers to share their two-cents on issues affecting farmers and how they have been able to navigate them. We believe that the personal experience of every farmer here will be able to greatly lift the broader farming community.

We therefore look forward to interacting and connecting people passionate about farming.