Travel To Malaysia

Malaysia is a country which is diverse in culture. One of the fascinating things about this country is it’s culture and people who live there. Malaysian population consists of Malay, Chinese, Indian and other religious people which as made Malaysia a home to hundreds of colorful festivals. Each ethnic group has it’s own cultural practices and language which can be seen through variety of cuisines and festivals.

Malaysia offers a wide variety of attractions to the tourists to make their vacation as fascinating one. Some attractions include Rain forests, beaches, highland, buildings and National park. As everyone knows “Truly Asia” is the slogan used to promote the Malaysian tourism as it indicates that a visit to Malaysia will help you to know, understand and enjoy Asia.

Visiting Malaysia is a great for budget traveler, everything will be under the budget from hotels to food, shopping to transport can be done cheaply. Malaysian government is very much concerned about the tourism, so you will find accommodation everywhere you go. Many visitors consider a trip to Malaysia because of its nature.

Malaysia has one of the oldest Rain forests in the world. Taman Negara is the oldest rain forest which has an attraction like jungle trekking, night safari, canopy walk and boat ride. There are around 14,000 species of plants, 200 species of mammals and countless range of plants and trees.

If you are foodie, then without second choice you will fall in love with the local cuisine available at the food streets of Malaysia. Local dishes reflect Malay, Chinese and Indian influences they are likely to be famous for little spicy and a little electric and whole to create a delicious food. Do not miss to taste the Malaysian National food Nasi Lemak – Coconut rice served with sambal along with side dishes like omelet, peanuts, cucumber and anchovies.

Kuala Lumper is not just the capital city of Malaysia but also it is a shopping capital of the country. The shops around the city will put on grand sale twice in a year top attract shopper tourists. the city consists of many luxurious malls, art shops, bazaars and many small shops for clothing and accessories.

A country rich in tradition and culture, produces a variety of handicraft items including hand craved woolen panels, decorative items, bags and baskets, batik textiles etc. Malaysia is now a home for many adventures like scuba diving, trekking, canopy walk, river rafting, night safaris and owns many online gaming websites such as sennibet which offers tourists to have much more fun during their visit to the country. Malaysia becomes colorful during the festive seasons, one of the main festivals is world’s kite’s festival, Chinese New Year, Thaipusam and deepavali.

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