Foods that Stoke Intimacy Drive in Women

what is women's health careIt does not matter how romantic your arrangements are on a date-when it comes to setting the mood for great, intimacy, one need to start by boosting the energy within. It’s no less than breaking blocks to open one’s mind, body and energy to reenergize and exchange intimacy with partner. There are thousands of women experiencing this libido problem. That’s when aphrodisiac for intimacy drive can make all the difference.

Factors like stress at work, worrying about kids, issues in the relationship, depression and anxiety and feeling tired are all the ways that one can experience energy blocks. Intimacy, at the end of the day is release of stress, so if it’s blocked, that emotional and physical release cannot happen. To improve the intimacy drive, one has to focus on removing these blocks.

There are more than 500 substances that supposedly stimulate human intimacy. Aphrodisiac is a substance that can stimulate the intimacy drive of a woman. Aphrodisiac are being used since ancient times as a natural means of enhancing intimacy desire. It usually refers to foods or drinks.

Here are a few Natural aphrodisiac for women:

  1. Cacao:

No wonder, women can’t resist chocolates! Cacao is the superfood. Boasting of aphrodisiac effects because of its “Bliss” content called anandamide. Cacao is rich in antioxidants, minerals like magnesium and phosphorus, and finally passion-boosting methylxanthines. It also contains the phenyl ethylamine, the so called “love chemical” which includes the release of dopamine during the sensual act. Dopamine is considered as the main chemical which stimulates neurotransmitter in key emotions like love and intimacy.

  1. Dates:

Dates are known to make intimate life between partners juicier and moister just the fruit is. Dates spice up the passion because of its succulent sweet taste. When it’s mixed with cinnamon and milk, this exotic super food is packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals that enhance your passion and general health.

  1. Almonds:

Sweetly fragrant, these nuts are known to bring back fertility in the olden times of the Bible. It is high in vitamin-E and rich in magnesium, protein, iron and fiber which make it naturally healthy as an aphrodisiac for women. Vitamin E is known to stimulate intimacy and trigger the romantic mood. It also helps in lowering cholesterol and together with high fiber content. Clinically, Almonds are tested and proven to lower the LDL-Lipoprotein which is considered as bad cholesterol that transports fat from liver to the different tissues of the body.

Certainly, a good diet does not help one stay healthy, lifestyle factors must be taken care too. Hence one has to keep body weight at an optimum range, exercise daily, at least 30 minutes a day, avoid excessive alcohol drinking and consume lots of fruits and vegetables.

One can give a try to certified female aphrodisiac herbal supplement. Each little thing can work wonders; recommended aphrodisiac is mention on our homepage, so that one can make use of this aphrodisiac which is made of 100% organically grown herbs for a much-anticipated night of mind-blowing intimate act.

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