5 tips on how to decide on what food crops to farm


If you are ever thinking about getting into farming food crops, there are a couple of things you have to consider before you decide on what particular food crops you are going to plant. These are the things that will determine whether or not you will be successful as a farmer because they have a direct impact on how the plants will progress.

Here are 5 tips on how to decide on what food crops to farm.

Tip 1: Get to understand the weather patterns

Different food crops will do well under different weather conditions therefore it’s a good idea for you to first take some time and understand the weather patterns so that you will be better placed to select crops that will thrive under those specific weather conditions.

Tip 2: Get to understand the crops you want to plant

Different crops have different characteristics that influence their ability to adapt and thrive under different weather conditions therefore depending on the weather patterns in your farm area you should go for crops that have more adaptability.

Tip 3: There should be a ready market for your crops

This is especially important if you are getting into food farming for commercial purposes. You must only plant crops that you know have a ready market to ensure that you get a return on your investment. The money you put into cultivation, farm implements, fertilizer and other overhead costs will be significant therefore you must purpose to recoup it.

Tip 4: Go for pest resistant plant varieties

The biggest challenge when it comes to farming is the exposure of your crops to various pests and diseases. It’s therefore paramount for you to go for pest resistant plant varieties as well as invest in pest and disease control.

Tip 5: Consider incorporating technology in your farm

There are various technology solutions that have been introduced to make the work of farmers much easier such as farm mechanization, drip irrigation technology, and so on. It’s important for you to take time and research on these technologies and find out which will give your farm a boost and consider adopting it on your farm.

If you take time and consider these five tips, and factor them as you start out your farming venture, you are sure to succeed.

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